What’s your bat signal?

So often I wake up tired, and I don’t think I can do any more. But then something reminds me what I stand for and why I do what I do. ⚡

When I hear how the healthcare system is failing patients, it’s like my bat signal, calling me into action with greater force than I could muster on my own.

I know why this calls to me. I’m called to advocate for patients, both in my role as grant strategist, raising money for medical research to ultimately help patients, and as a patient advocate, because I was rendered disabled after receiving medical “care” from a series of less than qualified medical providers and a system that promotes abuse of the patient.

When I hear about abuses to patients, my reaction is simply: NO.

So I wake up tired on a Monday morning because, well, I’m disabled and mornings are hard, and because I’m trying to do a lot to help a lot of people, and there’s another series of emails from doctors who need help raising funds to conduct medical research and from patients who need help going up against a system that’s set up to put the system’s interests over the patient’s, and it’s like the bat signal has been turned.

What’s your bat signal? 🦇

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